Jun 13

More on the Super 138-in-1 MVS cart

Took a couple of pictures (good ones this time) and here they are:

Full KIt

Full KIt




Menu PCB

Menu PCB

I still haven’t had time to really dig into this cart. :/ When I got it, my screens were both vertical, my two player panel was lent to an arcade and now that I’ve got the panel back, I lent my MVS mobo to a buddy. When the stars align, I’ll do a little review or something.

2 kommentarer

  1. caincan

    cthulhu could awake…

    it’s said that the 138in1 is the ”best”. perhaps because it seems like a ”18in1” system which loads data on rams ?! the start is very annoying.. takes about 30seconds for lots of games ! and sometimes you dont have the game you clicked Unlesss you stay firm in clicking the button 30seconds !! would be good to hear your tests

    1. emphatic

      Hi, caincan. Yes, it seems like the game loading is slow, but that might encourage users not to jump from game to game the whole time. 😉 I’ll post an update when I’d had some time with it again.


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