Updated September 5th, 2020 with Crimzon Clover movestrip

Updated September 23rd with Storm Blade movestrip
Updated September the 17th with Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU in English!
Updated August the 23rd with Batsugun movestrip
Updated March the 3rd with Japanese Battle Bakraid movestrip
Updated January 21th with fixed links as MegaUpload is no longer in business. 🙁
(Updated August 17 with a corrected ESPGALUDA II strip. Better wording, thanks tokrot.
Updated August the 16th with ESPGALUDA II custom English move strip. Update #2 fixed bad link.
Updated August the 15th, as some strips had disappeared. Armed Police Batrider and Ibara are also new.
Updated August 3rd with Battle Garegga move strip.
Updated August 2nd with Guwange strips in two flavors.
Updated June 13th with two new E.S.P. Ra.De. strips!

Look closely at the top menu, and you’ll see a new link called “ARTWORK”. Why? Continue reading.

Typically when you buy a used PCB you don’t get the artwork that the game came with originally, so if you want to install this game “properly” in your cabinet to get the full conversion kit feeling when looking at your precious cabinet, a void is present. Most newer games come with move strips, Pop art, stickers etc, but those are collector’s items and even in a home environment using these are frowned upon by many collectors as even sunlight will eat away at them. Ironically enough, using reproduction artwork is also considered an eyesore, but personally I really like repro stuff as it costs very little (if you even have the means to print them) and will never lower the value of your collectibles.

Sexy stuff
All custom move strips on this page use the above format

Of course, finding quality artwork isn’t always possible, and depending on your cabinet, it won’t even fit your instruction space. Now, I have made some custom pieces myself, and shared them on sites like the shmups forum, CAVE-STG or Arcade Otaku. I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion to keep them on my own site as well.

All move strips on this site are made from artwork found online (arcadeflyers.com, world-of-arcades, etc) that has been polished, reworked, translated by me. They are all in 300 dpi high quality .png format that will look great when printed with a size of 530 x 80 mm (approx. 21 x 2 inches) but can be scaled down to fit other cabinets than the EGRET II. All move strip files found here should be in the suggested size written above, but the EGRET II instruction space will accommodate 534×84 mm if you wanna fill the whole area. I’ve made a minimal pink and white background for each strip that fills the EGRET II artwork glass fully, so if you print these for say, a SEGA (New) Astro City, I recommend you measure the height of your glass then crop away the white from my files so you can resize the strip before you print it out.

If you don’t feel like searching for a place to get these printed, you can get my custom move-strips perfectly printed at https://www.jasenscustoms.com

I’ve been informed that SEGA type instruction space (visible area) is 480 x 75 mm. If you have Photoshop available, create a new 3oo dpi document with that size, open up one of my .png files, crop away the sides (with the pink strips) but keep the white above and below, press ctrl+A, ctrl+C, switch to your new SEGA size document and press ctrl+V. Use ctrl+T (Free transform) to resize it until it just fills the horizontal width then use the arrow keys to align it vertically. Press ENTER when you’re done. Remember to keep your shift key pressed while re-sizing as to keep the aspect ratio of the strip or it will look bad.

Watch this page for updates. One day that elusive game you love might turn up. I will update the news page as well, along with my Twitter page (www.twitter.com/emphatic001) when I do. The files were hosted on MegaUpload, but they were closed down and I now host these files on this website  and we manage correctly the accessibility of it with the top and updated website accessibility checklist, to make sure everything is on orde Hopefully I won’t run out of space. :/

Now onto the links. If you lir.ke the strip (the top part of the preview) click it to launch the download link. The bottom part of each of these images below have a close up of the strip. They were originally listed alphabetically, but WordPress doesn’t seem to like when I move stuff around, so the newest on top from Guwange and anything that comes after that…

Crimzon Clover (Arcade) by YOTSUBANE – custom English movestrip

Crimzon Clover (Arcade) custom English movestrip

Storm Blade (Arcade) by VISCO – custom English movestrip

Storm Blade custom English movestrip

Do-Donpachi DAI-OU-JOU (Arcade) by AMI / CAVE – Custom English strip
(Thanks to Softdrink for the inspiring English text that finally made me do this!)

Do-Donpachi DAI-OU-JOU Custom move strip in English

Batsugun (Arcade) -Regular 1993 version

Batsugun custom move strip

Did this a couple of months ago but forgot to add it to this page.

Battle Bakraid (Arcade) by 8ing/Raizing- Japanese version

Japanese Battle Bakraid move strip

I’ve never played Battle Bakraid, but got a request to do this movestrip. I wanna do an English version as well, but as I have no knowledge about the game, I need some help on what text to put next to the graphics. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it done soon.


ESPGALUDA II custom move strip preview
ESPGALUDA II strip is lookin’ sharp

As I’m not a fan of the arcade game, I might do some more strips for this game (Black Label / Omake! / Arrange). But just maybe.

Armed Police Batrider by 8ing / Raizing

Armed Police Batrider strip
Armed Police Batrider – Original English strip cleaned up. Also, no more Engrish.

Ibara by CAVE

Ibara movestrip preview
Ibara movestrip preview

Battle Garegga

Battle Garegga movestrip
It can’t hold all the info on this deep game, but some. 🙂

Guwange by CAVE (Dark version)

The darker, richer version
The darker, richer version

Guwange by CAVE (Light version)

A lighter, more in the same feel of the original artwork
A lighter, more in the same feel of the original artwork

E.S.P. Ra.De by CAVE (English)

Sure, I could have put some basic scoring tips on this one, but that’s now how move strips are supposed to be. I used the CAVE site for the game, Google translate and common sense.

E.S.P. Ra.De by CAVE (Japanese)

Click above link to get the E.S.P. Ra.De. move strip above but with Japanese language instead of English.

E.S.P. Ra.De by CAVE (my first version)

This was one of the first ones I did, so it looks kinda crappy to me. I might have another one up sometime soon if I can find some nice artwork to make it from.

Ketsui by CAVE (English)

Most time I’ve spent on any of these. I cleaned up the original strip scan that I found on World Of Arcades and painstakingly re-did all the text in English (translating using Google Translate + my knowledge of the game to figure out how to make sense of the “translation” ) + removing the Engrish of the original flyer (can you spot it?)

Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 by CAVE (PCB, 3 buttons)

I made this and the strip for the XBox 360 port in 3 flavors, I had all these @ MegaUpload in a single zip file, but I’ve put links here instead as I host these on my site now.

Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 by CAVE (XBox 360, 4 buttons)

This strip supports the arrange mode as well.

Outzone by Toaplan (English)

Outzone by Toaplan (Japanese)

Raiden Fighters 2


This was one of my early attempts at a move strip, so it’s kinda text heavy. Maybe I’ll upload a reworked version sometime.


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