Finished cabinet in action The above picture is in fact my MAME Cabinet marquee that I've done myself. If you're wondering about those blue circles, look at the finished cabinet to the left. Its for those speaker grills.

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Cardboard prototype First side cut

First side ready Stabilizer on bottom

Stabilizer on side Front bottom

Wrong width No more mistakes

Fitting test Bottom attached

Suwoofer too tall Bottom shelf

Monitor fitting Monitor safety belt

Monitor in place Rubber feet

X-Arcade integration X-Arcade integration 2

X-Arcade integration 3 Vertical monitor front

Vertical monitor back Roadtesting

Top testing Backside hinges

Top and bottom fastener The top

All wood parts in place Sidebutton holes

JK Sidebuttons JK Modified

JK Polished Locks in place

Locks inside Monitor and X-Arcade

Modified X-Arcade in place Marquee front

Marquee backside Primer painting

First coating Painted side

Painted front Tin roof backside

Tin roof frontview Marquee light installed

Marquee prototype Marquee prototype in place

Monitor with new skin X-Arcade with new skin

Drilling holes for controls Finished control panel

Tin front finished New marquee arrived

Air holes More updates has been done to this cabinet. So more pictures will follow here as well. Meanwhile, check out my arcade collection.
MAME Marquees