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Jul 29

Darwin 4078 get! Also, fixed some layout issues.


Last night I had a small shmupmeet at home and one of my guests presented me with a very nice gift – a Data East ”Darwin 4078” PCB! He knew how I had longed to own this game, but it really never pops up for sale, so he gave me his board. Thanks a lot, …

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Apr 02

Mounting a (pretty) SUZO 500 in an EGRET II

Updated 2010-05-02 (added a picture of the screw, extender and washer I use) Most EGRET II owners (or any Japanese cabinet owners) swear by their SANWA or Seimitsu sticks (I used to do that as well), but then I read someone @ the shmups forums write how awesome the SUZO 500 is for shmups, because …

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Jan 28


Added a couple of new pictures of my cabinets. Insides are showing! AND MORE!

Jan 14


Received this awesome RGB Scart to JAMMA adapter today from Australia. A couple of days ago I also got a pair of Akihabarashop‘s P360 so tonight I finished wiring it (no soldering nor crimping needed) them up like this: The RGB to Scart adapter picture have a nifty ribbon cable that you can move from …

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Apr 07


Last night I finished the new 1L5B-panel for the new EGRET II and I am very pleased with the look and overall greatness of it. 😛 I wanted to try out some new stuff, so I’ve modded an Seimitsu LS-32 joystick with an LS-40 shaft. This is also known as the LS-36 (not an official …

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Sep 19


DoDonpachi DOJ-BLEX has arrived and is really fun to play. Too bad that the loading times is laughable at best, and the game isn’t compatible with my hacked pad, as I have to sync it everytime I’ve made a choice in the game’s menus. In other news, I’ve sold my Arkanoid PCB+JAMMA adapter, and the …

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Aug 04


This is so typical for me. I was adjusting the video sync in my JK cabinet as described below and was convinced that my power was killed in the process. Got a new power-unit (cheap hower) only to (surprise, surprise) see that if you set you video sync wrong, the symptons you get resembles those …

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