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Mar 29

The new site

Hey folks, By random I found that my web server can handle WordPress, so I thought to myself -”It’s 2011 after all, by now people will think I’m crazy to still use regular html for my site”. So at the moment I’m in the progress of migrating all of the old content to this new …

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Mar 28

XBox 360 Cabinet Themes

”Cabifying” your 360 dashboard What’s that you say? I noticed that you could browse pictures in the dashboard of the XBox 360 and decided to see if this could be utilized to create a ”theme” of sorts. I then made an EGRET II theme that worked really well in my cabinet. As I shared this on …

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Feb 24


A visitor from Italy made me realize that the 360 backgrounds I’ve made doesn’t work as .png files, so I have converted them to .jpg instead and replaced all the links. I added a bonus item at the bottom that’s handy to have in the cabinet for tweaking your 360 picture.

Dec 04


As a small Christmas present for my visitors, I’ve made a small page with XBox 360 Dashboard theme backgrounds like the one in the news item below. Click the banner below to go there:

Nov 14


I have made some nice changes to my Red Box PCB so it now has AdvanceMenu as frontend. This of course looks much better than the very basic menu that came with it. Also supports animated previews of all games and has a nice trance track as background music. I’ve created a kick ass animation …

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