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Sep 23

Custom English movestrip for Storm Blade by VISCO added to artwork section!

Just finished this strip for the underestimated (perhaps because of it’s a rarity?) shmup by VISCO, ”Storm Blade”. Get it from here:

Jul 01

360 Video settings – Mushihimesama HD

I just updated my 360 Video settings page with Mushihimesama HD (scroll down to the bottom). I also noticed (with this game)that at least using the Ultracade Universal Video Converter, the backgrounds will wobble (tearing) terribly unless SMOOTHING is enabled. I don’t know if you’ll get the wobble if you use a native 480p (or …

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Feb 19

Ketsui get!!!

Finally I own this wonderful game!   I am a happy camper.

Jan 31


Took a few more pictures of my Dreamcast running through the SLG3000 on my Acer LCD screen: Also a pretty large picture of Mars Matrix. Click here to view it. Also tweaked the settings on the SLG3000 to give me a better result on my NANAO 24kHz display (I had the dips set to even …

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Jan 27


Today I got my hands on something that’s very cool. The SLG3000. It’s a tiny dedicated unit that produces scanlines for game consoles or emulator setups where you don’t have a scanline option in the video settings, or when you don’t want to put extra processing strain on your emulator setup. It will accept VGA …

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Dec 23


So, last week my harddrive gave up. Naturally this has taken it’s toll on the site updates, even though I really haven’t had anything to put here. In case you’ve missed it, there are some awesome new additions to MAME since last week. Ketsui, Do-Donpachi Dai-Ou-Jou (including Black Label) and ESPGALUDA. Initally the last one …

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Nov 29


Finally had a fitting moment to pull the Gemini Wing bootleg I bought back in March out of storage to snap a picture of it. It’s now added to the GAMES page on this site.

Nov 20


I been making lots of posts over at the shmups forums about the Ultracade Universal Video Converter (discontinued) that I use to display my XBox 360 games in my EGRET II. The thread has lots of useful info on this, so I went ahead and copied all of the useful data over to a new …

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Mar 14


Picked up my second EGRET II today: (Sorry for the iPhone picture, I didn’t have a lot of time tonight). It does have some scuffs in the bezel and surrounding body, but just some fast touching up with some appliance paint really made a whole world of difference right away. Already ordered parts to assemble …

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