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Dec 14

SUZO 500 Rubber edition

I was browsing eBay and found a SUZO 500 that had gray plastic at the base instead of the red I normally find in arcade parts stores online. I know that joystick guru Kowal has mentioned that there used to exist an older revision of these sticks that had a rubber grommet doing all the …

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Jul 28

More SUZO 500 modding

Fans of the SUZO 500 stick might have noticed that the shaft doesn’t center properly due to the pivot being a couple of mm’s short of filling the hole in the base. Monouchi (a Swedish guy who did the incredible Do-Donpachi Daifukkatsu stick that you might have seen online) solved this by adding some heat …

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Apr 02

Mounting a (pretty) SUZO 500 in an EGRET II

Updated 2010-05-02 (added a picture of the screw, extender and washer I use) Most EGRET II owners (or any Japanese cabinet owners) swear by their SANWA or Seimitsu sticks (I used to do that as well), but then I read someone @ the shmups forums write how awesome the SUZO 500 is for shmups, because …

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Sep 20


Bought some nice stuff for my cabinets, since game releases are a couple of weeks away. Still waiting for the pre-orders to open up at my favourite web-store for Do-Donpachi Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 and Muchi Muchi Pork/Pink Sweets. New buttons for the panel where I put Sanwa RGs before. I went with Seimitus with clear plunger …

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Jun 13


New panel for the EGRET II has arrived and is installed. I’ve fashioned a harness for it, so it’s completely plug ‘n play with the EGRET II/Atomiswave SD standards. This panel is fitted with a Suzo 500 stick and Seimitsu pearl buttons, as that’s what I’ve grown acustomed to. I’ve made an order from SEGAShed …

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Maj 11


NEW design! The yellow and black is very nice, but I thought it was time for a new look. Kinda has an EGRET III vibe going on. Also had a look at the links on my misc page and removed those who sadly no longer work + added a few that does. Also, during these …

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