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Aug 05

I got me some SPARK!

Today I received a the latest offering from modern time alchemist, Toodles. Behold THE SPARK. This little piece of high-tech will turn your SANWA JLF into the equivalent of SANWA’s long gone epic FLASH 1 optical joystick. I really wanted to test this properly (with some game I really know, like Ketsui) today, but due to some …

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Apr 02

Mounting a (pretty) SUZO 500 in an EGRET II

Updated 2010-05-02 (added a picture of the screw, extender and washer I use) Most EGRET II owners (or any Japanese cabinet owners) swear by their SANWA or Seimitsu sticks (I used to do that as well), but then I read someone @ the shmups forums write how awesome the SUZO 500 is for shmups, because …

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Sep 20


Bought some nice stuff for my cabinets, since game releases are a couple of weeks away. Still waiting for the pre-orders to open up at my favourite web-store for Do-Donpachi Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 and Muchi Muchi Pork/Pink Sweets. New buttons for the panel where I put Sanwa RGs before. I went with Seimitus with clear plunger …

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Apr 07


Last night I finished the new 1L5B-panel for the new EGRET II and I am very pleased with the look and overall greatness of it. 😛 I wanted to try out some new stuff, so I’ve modded an Seimitsu LS-32 joystick with an LS-40 shaft. This is also known as the LS-36 (not an official …

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Jul 21


I’ve sold my Rastan PCB. Never gets played anyway, and I will rather have some nice things for my cabinets right now. Will get 2.1 speakers for my EGRET II, and a Extron Super Emotia video converter I got off eBay needs a power stepdown converter so I can play vertical high res (Japanese XBox …

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Sep 25


Yesterday my new CPO arrived for my Xiong Ba cabinet arrived from MAME Marquees. It took a couple of hours but it’s now in place. Click here to see the work in progress pics.