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Aug 05

I got me some SPARK!

Today I received a the latest offering from modern time alchemist, Toodles. Behold THE SPARK. This little piece of high-tech will turn your SANWA JLF into the equivalent of SANWA’s long gone epic FLASH 1 optical joystick. I really wanted to test this properly (with some game I really know, like Ketsui) today, but due to some …

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Mar 28

XBox 360 Cabinet Themes

”Cabifying” your 360 dashboard What’s that you say? I noticed that you could browse pictures in the dashboard of the XBox 360 and decided to see if this could be utilized to create a ”theme” of sorts. I then made an EGRET II theme that worked really well in my cabinet. As I shared this on …

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Nov 11


Today I got some shiny new glass holders for my EGRET II’s. Looks great:

Mar 14


Picked up my second EGRET II today: (Sorry for the iPhone picture, I didn’t have a lot of time tonight). It does have some scuffs in the bezel and surrounding body, but just some fast touching up with some appliance paint really made a whole world of difference right away. Already ordered parts to assemble …

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Feb 27


Finally sourced and bought another EGRET II. As soon as the weather allows, I’ll go get it and post some pictures of it as well. Will be great to play some ESPGALUDA in it, and ESPGALUDA II (360) in my other one as that’ll be arriving this week. I have something else coming as well. …

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