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Jul 01

360 Video settings – Mushihimesama HD

I just updated my 360 Video settings page with Mushihimesama HD (scroll down to the bottom). I also noticed (with this game)that at least using the Ultracade Universal Video Converter, the backgrounds will wobble (tearing) terribly unless SMOOTHING is enabled. I don’t know if you’ll get the wobble if you use a native 480p (or …

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Mar 29

Ultracade Universal Video Converter

What it does The Ultracade Universal Video Converter, or UVC for short, can convert a high res video signal into an arcade monitor compatible RGBS signal. In 15kHz or in 24kHz. There are other ways of hooking up a high res source to an arcade cabinet like this, but no other can output to 24kHz …

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Dec 04


As a small Christmas present for my visitors, I’ve made a small page with XBox 360 Dashboard theme backgrounds like the one in the news item below. Click the banner below to go there:

Dec 02


I was kinda bored today, so I made a background image for my XBox 360 dashboard to fit my EGRET II as it’s more or less a ”dedicated” cabinet console. Looks nice: Close up and horizontal view (please don’t laugh at my measly gamer-score): Background image can be downloaded from here

Nov 20


I been making lots of posts over at the shmups forums about the Ultracade Universal Video Converter (discontinued) that I use to display my XBox 360 games in my EGRET II. The thread has lots of useful info on this, so I went ahead and copied all of the useful data over to a new …

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Nov 26


My beloved Xiong Ba cabinet and my Red Box multi-PCB are both sold and has left the building. I’m really happy I got the cabinet sold right now, as I was on the verge of some major reconstruction on it. Typically, I usually start stuff I really regret later on, but this time a buyer …

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Jun 21


Well, I’ve actually had this about a month now, but it’s been a month filled with problems. I got myself a ”brand new” Chinese made Xiong Ba tri-sync 29″ sitdown cabinet. Yes, this was shipped to Sweden directly from Macrown in China where it had been assembled. But unfortunately, quality is something they take lightly …

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Mar 23


Yesterday was a day of joy and excitement. My new cabinet, a Taito Egret II arrived! This will surely be in vertical mode most of the time. I have tested using a laptop and a J-Pac in it and it’s really great for playing Raiden III. This is not the new-in-box thing that I’m replacing …

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