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MegaUpload closed – my artwork links are dead

I have an announcement

Hey, MegaUpload that hosted my custom artwork has been shut down today. I’ll try to find another hosting service or just host them myself, hopefully tonight or this weekend. Stay tuned.

Seimitsu LS-30 aka SNK Rotary joystick – my modifications

I’ve had a pair of these now rare Seimitsu LS-30 joysticks for a while, but haven’t bought any games to use them with yet. I didn’t like the state they were in when I got them and have been putting off fixing them up for the last few years since I bought them. But I …

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Not much going on

I have an announcement

Right now it’s slow at casa Emphatic. But I have a nice little project on the way, I’m still collecting the bits needed, then I’ll start planning and finally, the build will be done and presented here. I’m saving my funds for my most treasured PCB ever as the new job has gotten me to …

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SUZO 500 Rubber edition

SUZO rubber grommet

I was browsing eBay and found a SUZO 500 that had gray plastic at the base instead of the red I normally find in arcade parts stores online. I know that joystick guru Kowal has mentioned that there used to exist an older revision of these sticks that had a rubber grommet doing all the …

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More CAVE games emulated in MAME

As of right now, the following CAVE SH3 titles have preliminary (still no sound and hardware slowdown not emulated properly) drivers in MAME: DeathSmiles ESPGALUDA II Ibara Ibara Kuro (Black Label) Muchi Muchi Pork (apparently, I haven’t seen the rom files yet) Mushihimesama Mushihimesama Futari 1.0 Mushihimesama Futari 1.54 Mushihimetama Also added (I haven’t checked …

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New arrivals in the Vertical PCB section

I have an announcement

I traded my Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 4 MVS carts with a great guy in the UK and now I have Rush & Crash and Super Space Invaders ’91! Both games are titles I grew up playing and I’ve always wanted these in my collection.

Batrider GET!

batrider teaser

I got to buy this with split payments (thanks a lot, Jens) and now I have another Yagawa game to punish me when I feel masochistic. I bet it’s gonna feel great. Also had some of my custom artwork printed out and this is how it looks when applied to the instruction holder on my …

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Traded away some MVS carts

I have an announcement

Blazing Star and Last Resort has left the building.

ESPGALUDA II custom move strip added to the artwork section

ESPGALUDA II custom move strip teaser

Click the link in the main menu or here to go there.

Armed Police Batrider movestrip added to the artwork section

Armed Police Batrider strip teaser

Click the link in the main menu or here to go there.