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Updates to the site. Slow, sorry.

Darwin 4078 get! Also, fixed some layout issues.


Last night I had a small shmupmeet at home and one of my guests presented me with a very nice gift – a Data East “Darwin 4078” PCB! He knew how I had longed to own this game, but it really never pops up for sale, so he gave me his board. Thanks a lot, …

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TAITO arcade stool refurbish

I got myself a pair of pretty sad looking TAITO arcade stools a couple of months ago but hadn’t had time to get them looking good until now (currently on vacation). I took a photo of one when I got them, thinking the fabric was orange, but now in the process I actually noticed that …

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360 Video settings – Mushihimesama HD

I have an announcement

I just updated my 360 Video settings page with Mushihimesama HD (scroll down to the bottom). I also noticed (with this game)that at least using the Ultracade Universal Video Converter, the backgrounds will wobble (tearing) terribly unless SMOOTHING is enabled. I don’t know if you’ll get the wobble if you use a native 480p (or …

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Translations of interviews featured in Japanese ‘Shooting Gameside’ magazine

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blackoak from shmups forums has posted some very interesting interviews lately: The Basiscape composers interview: A Toaplan interview (with Tatsuya Uemura): A Raizing interview (with Sotoyama Yuuichi & YokooKenichi): A Doujin shmup interview: And a HUGE CAVE interview (with Junya Inoue, Manabu Namiki, Takashi Ichimura, Hiroyuki Tanaka, S. Yagawa, Akira Wakabayashi & Tsuneki Ikeda):  

Batrider story translation!

I have an announcement

A seriously cool translation by blackoak @ shmups forum has been posted: Check it out!

More on the Super 138-in-1 MVS cart

138 in 1 cart

Took a couple of pictures (good ones this time) and here they are:   I still haven’t had time to really dig into this cart. :/ When I got it, my screens were both vertical, my two player panel was lent to an arcade and now that I’ve got the panel back, I lent my …

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NAMCO Classic Collection Vol.1

NAMCO Classic Collection Vol. 1

Finally found one of these! I tried Galaga Arrange once in MAME and I just had to have it! Feels like way too long ago I picked up a new PCB.

Multi-Cart “Best Of AT#1” sold

I have an announcement

Removed this from my MVS collection as I got a Super 138-in-1 cart instead. This is very nice as it has a dedicated menu PCB (you sandwich mount this between the mobo and the JAMMA harness) that lets you edit the game list shown which lets you remove all of the silly hacks, fighter revisions …

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Japanese Battle Bakraid move strip added to artwork


Get it here:

NANAO MS9 screen flip switches


I got a couple of these this week, and finally got some daylight in which to work, I can finally play with my  games from Working on a monitor chassies is fiddly work, at least for me, so I always try to have the best possible conditions. I’m going to install the pictured one in my …

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