Aug 07


Time for a little update on things. I’ve sold my Tetris Plus 2 cart for the Jaleco Mega System 32, and now only have the glorious P-47 Aces left. I’ve recieved the Extron Super Emotia and successfully installed that into my EGRET II, and am currently waiting for Do Donpachi DOJ-BLEX for the 360 to try out some nice TATE action.

Death Smiles (360 version with redrawn hi res graphics) looks like this on my EGRET II low res Sanwa/Toshiba screen:

DeathSmiles (360) through Extron Super Emotia

Pretty cool, huh? You can see some more fresh photos up on my pici.se galleries: Death Smiles in the Xiong Ba | Extron Super Emotia Experimenting | Mounting a SUZO joystick in an EGRET II 1P panel |

I’ll try to put up links to more pictures here when DDP DOJ-BLEX has arrived, but you can check out my pici.se page yourself if you’re curious. 😀


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