Finally, an update!

Hello, readers.

Since I became a dad for the third time, coupled with the injury I sustained to my left hand, the arcade hobby has taken a backseat. But, this is not the end. I have other hobbies that has gotten a lot of attention, like making music and collecting vinyl records. These hobbies are nothing new in my life though, I’ve been DJing since 1994 or something like that, and making electronic music on and off since 1995.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on the music, as it’s a fun output and very satisfying where you can clearly see a progression. The thing I’m working on now, is the musical score for a new PC shmup, Zenohell, that’s being made by a cracking team of shmup enthusiasts. I have pretty much carte blanche for it, but I’m getting very nice feedback from the project leader (main programmer) to weed out any theme not fitting the game’s overall direction.

The soundtrack will have several boss themes along with all of the stage tracks, menu tracks, continue screen etc. It’s very exciting, and the game is really exhilarating to play, so if you’re a shmup fan that can suffer through playing games on a PC, don’t forget about this game – check it out when it’s released. I will post an update here when it’s done. The game has TATE, video filters, scanlines and customize-able controls etc.

The official launch trailer can be watched below.


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