Jun 05

Multi-Cart ”Best Of AT#1” sold

Removed this from my MVS collection as I got a Super 138-in-1 cart instead. This is very nice as it has a dedicated menu PCB (you sandwich mount this between the mobo and the JAMMA harness) that lets you edit the game list shown which lets you remove all of the silly hacks, fighter revisions etc.

Gonna snap some pics of this and update my MVS page as soon as I’ve snapped some decent pics of it.

3 kommentarer

  1. Wizbiscuit

    How does the 138-1 handle the 8 game saves the MVS handles, I always wanted a Multicart that saves all highscores…


    1. emphatic

      I actually haven’t played anything yet as I’ve lent my mobo to a buddy. But I get how that’s interesting so I’ll ask someone I know owns one as well if he knows…

  2. Wizbiscuit

    OK great, I would be most interested.

    Great site BTW, I pop a long often 🙂


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