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Namn: Jörgen Sjölander
Datum för registrering: 03/28/2011
URL: http://www.emphatic.se

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Feb 19

Finally, an update!

Hello, readers. Since I became a dad for the third time, coupled with the injury I sustained to my left hand, the arcade hobby has taken a backseat. But, this is not the end. I have other hobbies that has gotten a lot of attention, like making music and collecting vinyl records. These hobbies are …

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Jan 01

Happy New Year!

Hey, In the middle of the pre-Christmas rush, I sold my Strikers 1945 PCB. I also received a baby boy. So plenty of time to spend with him playing games in the future, hopefully. 🙂 Also placed an order with Paradise Arcade for some stuff, as a Christmas present for myself, kinda. Will give some …

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Sep 27

Removed link to CAVE-STG as the site is shut down

EOJ decided it was time to shut down CAVE-STG, so there’s no need for me to link to it anymore, sadly. Thanks a lot for the last great years, EOJ! Also removed links to other places that’s no longer relevant. MAWS was hacked and never came back, and Super Motaro closed down their gaming café. …

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Sep 23

Custom English movestrip for Storm Blade by VISCO added to artwork section!

Just finished this strip for the underestimated (perhaps because of it’s a rarity?) shmup by VISCO, ”Storm Blade”. Get it from here: http://www.emphatic.se/?p=807

Sep 17

Do-Donpachi DAI-OU-JOU English movestrip!

Inspired by another English strip I saw, I did this customized version. Get it from: http://www.emphatic.se/?p=807 ! 🙂

Aug 23

Added Batsugun move strip to the artwork section

As usual, you can download it from here: http://www.emphatic.se/?p=807 🙂

Aug 20

Why the lack of updates for the last couple of months?

If you’re sensitive, you might wanna skip the next paragraph. Well, on March the 9th, I was in a really gruesome accident at work that almost claimed my left hand as I got it stuck between a pair of very heavy duty tracks (I think this is the word for them) that crushed my hand severely, …

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Jul 29

Darwin 4078 get! Also, fixed some layout issues.


Last night I had a small shmupmeet at home and one of my guests presented me with a very nice gift – a Data East ”Darwin 4078” PCB! He knew how I had longed to own this game, but it really never pops up for sale, so he gave me his board. Thanks a lot, …

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Jul 13

TAITO arcade stool refurbish

I got myself a pair of pretty sad looking TAITO arcade stools a couple of months ago but hadn’t had time to get them looking good until now (currently on vacation). I took a photo of one when I got them, thinking the fabric was orange, but now in the process I actually noticed that …

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Jul 01

360 Video settings – Mushihimesama HD

I just updated my 360 Video settings page with Mushihimesama HD (scroll down to the bottom). I also noticed (with this game)that at least using the Ultracade Universal Video Converter, the backgrounds will wobble (tearing) terribly unless SMOOTHING is enabled. I don’t know if you’ll get the wobble if you use a native 480p (or …

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