Translations of interviews featured in Japanese ‘Shooting Gameside’ magazine

blackoak from shmups forums has posted some very interesting interviews lately:

The Basiscape composers interview:

A Toaplan interview (with Tatsuya Uemura):

Raizing interview (with Sotoyama Yuuichi & YokooKenichi):

A Doujin shmup interview:

And a HUGE CAVE interview (with Junya Inoue, Manabu Namiki, Takashi Ichimura, Hiroyuki Tanaka, S. Yagawa, Akira Wakabayashi & Tsuneki Ikeda):


Batrider story translation!

A seriously cool translation by blackoak @ shmups forum has been posted:

Check it out!

More CAVE games emulated in MAME

As of right now, the following CAVE SH3 titles have preliminary (still no sound and hardware slowdown not emulated properly) drivers in MAME:

Ibara Kuro (Black Label)
Muchi Muchi Pork (apparently, I haven’t seen the rom files yet)
Mushihimesama Futari 1.0
Mushihimesama Futari 1.54

Also added (I haven’t checked this out personally) is the Blue version of Guwange!!! I also believe that Pink Sweets has been dumped, but as I write this, I don’t know if it’s emulated yet. Pretty cool stuff.

Updated with a few title screens (don’t mind the fake scanlines, I added them):


CAVE launches english website

I saw this @ Arcade Otaku a moment ago. Check it out:

In other news, it seems like I’ve landed a new job. So, while updates will be farther apart, they will likely be more worthwhile as they appear here.

More CAVE hacking – Ketsui Back Label / Fast Label

Squidman has made some cool stuff to Ketsui over here: click

I hope all of this can be worked into a rom you can burn and put on your Ketsui PCB. Imagine getting new arrange modes, added functionality etc. Just like the zakk roms for Battle Garegga. 😀

Bullet Soul – Pre-ordered today!

One week from release 5pb finally present us with a TATE option for their region free 360 shmup, Bullet Soul. I’ve been on the fence about the game since there has been no indication at all about that until now, but I just pre-ordered my copy from If you’re in Europe and think buying stuff from Japan is a big deal, I can highly recommend this store.

Bullet Soul video options

Bullet Soul video options

I really look forward to this, as the game’s visuals are very stylized and 70’s mecha cool.

Bullet Soul TATE teaser

Bullet Soul TATE

CAVE | Do-Donpachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label – Reverse Engineered

Today over at the shmups forums a new post caught my eye. Check out the added content in the Player 2 bomb stock below:

Hack Label

A forum regular “austere” has reverse-engineered the game from top to bottom, and made a patch available for those who wants to try it out:

This is a modified version of DOJBL I call DOJBL+, which should be able to run on DOJBL boards and a modified version of MAME I’ve included below (with changes to source noted). If you hold A while pushing start to select a ship, it will run in “plus mode” which will display your hyper rank (“HR”), standard rank (“SR) and current frame number (“FN”) when the game begins. I have no plans for additional modifications for now, except possibly replacing the frame number with bullet speed. Anyway you can grab the patch (obviously the romset is not included) and the modified version of MAME 141u1 here:

Patch for DOJBL+:

There’s also an unfinished technical guide, which should interest all DOJBL players and will finally reveal everything about hyper rank:

I will be updating it soon to cover standard rank, slow down, hyper gauge and whatever you guys want to suggest. I don’t like sharing unfinished work, but I’m dumping some stuff here so that I can get my mind off this for a while.

Oh yeah, when the other dude releases his hacked version, I will consider allowing this version to skip the NVRAM check. The reason why I don’t want to do this just yet is because not all the DOJ versions have been dumped and it would thus be ideal to avoid extinction of white label boards due to this modification. Of course, it’s easy to identify because it boots straight into black label but I’ll play it safe for now.

In addition to just adding stuff to the game engine like this, it opens up for lots of other neat stuff, but check out shmups forums for more on the subject: